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Emergency Dentistry – Sparta, NJ

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It’s really impossible to plan for a dental emergency. One moment, you’re simply enjoying your day, and then all of a sudden, you or your child is experiencing severe dental pain. This can be the result of a terrible toothache or an accident that causes physical trauma, but in either case, the people of Sparta only have to do one thing to get the help they need: call Gentle Dentistry Sparta. Our team is capable of handling any dental emergency in-house, and we’re happy to see patients right away and schedule same-day appointments. With prompt restorative dentistry in Sparta, NJ, you’ll never have to needlessly wait to get the relief you deserve!













Why Choose Gentle Dentistry Sparta for Emergency Dentistry?

  • Give Us a Call & We’ll See You the Same Day
  • Dentist with More than 30 Years of Experience
  • Cosmetic Solutions That Make Damage Disappear

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

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Whether your dental emergency is due to an infection, an accident while playing sports, or a car wreck, you should immediately reach out for professional help. You likely won’t be able to completely solve the problem on your own, and waiting will only allow damage and pain to become worse. When you contact our dental office, we’ll let you know exactly what to do and schedule you for an appointment ASAP if needed. Between the time you call and when you step through our doors, here are a few ways to improve your situation during an emergency:


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Toothaches can be caused by a cavity, crack in the enamel, or a piece of food simply being stuck between the teeth. If rinsing and flossing around the tooth doesn’t fix the problem outright, take an OTC medication and place a cold compress on the cheek.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

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Try to pick up any pieces of the tooth you can find and place them in a safe container. Rinse the mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling. The leftover tooth may have a jagged edge that could cause further injury, so it should be covered with some dental wax or sugarless gum.

Knocked-Out Tooth

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Find the tooth, rinse it off while avoiding the root, and see if you can place it back into the socket. It’s important that the tooth stays wet until we can see you in order to keep it alive. If it won’t stay, it can also be stored between the cheek and gums or in a container with milk or saltwater.

Lost Filling/Crown

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After cleaning off the restoration with some lukewarm water, see if you can place it back onto your tooth. Avoid chewing with it until we can see you. While you might not experience any pain associated with this type of problem, it’s still wise to get it fixed right away to save the tooth from developing any decay or damage.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

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If you want you and your family to avoid the most common dental emergencies, make sure you:

  • Wear a protective mouthguard when playing sports, no matter someone’s age, ability, or chosen game.
  • Avoid chewing on extremely hard items that can wear down the teeth. Examples include ice, popcorn kernels, pens, pencils, and fingernails.
  • Always use scissors when opening a package, never your teeth!
  • Brush and floss daily and get regular dental checkups at least once every six months. This kind of ongoing care will prevent those small problems that often turn into big emergencies later.

The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

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Many patients avoid seeking out emergency dental care because they believe they won’t be able to afford it, but this is never the right decision. Whatever the problem might be, waiting will only allow it to get worse, and this increases the likelihood that a costly procedure will be needed to fix it. At Gentle Dentistry Sparta, we offer multiple payment options to help patients get the care they need without having to break the bank. Not only do we accept dental insurance, but we also offer financing, and we even have our own In-House Membership Plan.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

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We hope you choose us as your go-to emergency dentist in Sparta. However, before you save our number in your phone, you may want to know more about emergency dentistry and how we approach it. That is why we have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions. If you do not see the information you were hoping for, you are welcome to contact us directly so we can personally satisfy your curiosity.

How Long Can I Wait Before I Receive Treatment?

With some types of dental emergencies, you can safely wait one or a few days before you receive treatment. In other cases, such as if you have a knocked-out tooth, immediate treatment is necessary if you want to have the best possible outcome for your dental health. Regardless of what type of emergency you experience, you should call us right away. Our expert team will give you guidance on what your next steps should be.

When Should I Visit the ER Instead of the Dentist?

In some instances, medical professionals in a hospital emergency room are the best people to render initial treatment for a dental emergency. For example, if you are bleeding uncontrollably or have broken facial bones, you should head to the local ER. Then, get in touch with us to schedule a follow-up appointment so we can assess how your injury impacted your oral health.

How Will You Make Me Comfortable During My Emergency Appointment?

Patient comfort is one of our top priorities. When you arrive for your emergency appointment, you will receive a warm welcome before we escort you to a treatment room. We’ll quickly and gently assess your oral health problem. Anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation are available to make sure you remain comfortable and relaxed during your procedure. The friendly nature of our dentists and our team will further help you to feel at ease.

What if I Experience a Dental Emergency while I am Traveling?

If it will be several days or longer before you return home, do not wait to see a dentist. Do an online search to find dentists near you who offer emergency treatment. Be sure to pay attention to their reviews so you can be confident that your oral health is in good hands. Ask if they are in your insurance’s network or if they are willing to file claims with insurance companies whom they are not in-network with. Also, call us to let us know what happened. When you get back to Sparta, visit us for follow-up care.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Dental Emergency?

Our team will address the source of the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. After your appointment, you may experience some soreness in your mouth. Depending on the nature of the issue and the treatment, you may be completely pain-free in a few days to a week. In many cases, multiple appointments are necessary to finish treatment for a dental emergency (for example, many patients require a new crown, which is a multi-appointment procedure).